J. Timothy Caldwell engaging the class in a vocal and physical exercise.

The Marygrove Music Department was thrilled to host Professor Emeritus (CMU), clinician, and author, Timothy Caldwell on September 25th for a half-day workshop on Dalcroze Eurhythmics entitled: “The Music, the Movement and You: Using Physical Movement to Improve Performance”.

During the opening session, students from Marygrove College and several local high schools learned how musical performance begins with an internal feel for the music, a physical gesture.  In the interactive session, participants a variety of physical activities to embody the different patterns, shapes and colors heard in musical compositions.
The final session featured a  masterclass, in which Marygrove students [Sherry Rietz, Angel Shakespeare and Jeriel Woods] and high school students [Lauren Lenz (Troy Athens) and Anna Daugherty (Birmingham Groves)] presented a variety of songs.  Each singer then had the opportunity to work with Mr. Caldwell on implementing Dalcroze techniques into his/her singing.

Students having fun with improv exercises.

Text by Music Department Co-Chair, Tara Sievers-Hunt, and photos by Marygrove Art Student Naomi Tajonera.