Let's get to work

It’s time for new beginnings. It’s the beginning of a new year, it’s the beginning of a new semester, and we may as well make it a time for new beginnings here as well. Let’s start with a resolution! I resolve to redouble my dedication to the Marygrove College Community.

I’m very passionate about emulating the community that we at Marygrove College have inside of a virtual domain. What I mean by that is I want to take the atmosphere of community that you get from being involved with Marygrove College and have that same kind of helpfulness available in all of our social media communities.

But right now we don’t have that. And I want to find ways in which we can all help to create an online community similar to that we have available in the physical world.

I want to pose a series of questions to see what if we can all collaboratively brainstorm.

  • What can we do to engage participation on the different media channels we have available?

One of the greatest things about social media is the ability for the community to engage in its own enrichment. People can post things that they feel are useful and beneficial to other members of the community in order to foster community connectedness and growth. But how do we get people to engage in that kind of community building?

  • What are ways that we can better communicate to those that are involved with Marygrove College that there are online communities that are available?

Maybe a reason why there isn’t a lot of participation is because people don’t know that the communities exist and the reasons why they exist. How can we let people know that there is a community available to them online in ways that we haven’t already?

We can use social media for so much more than keeping in touch. We can build interactive communities with people informing each other and communicating with one another. That’s the vision and goal that I have for the Marygrove online community.

But what I want to know is what are you thoughts? I’ve presented you with mine, now would you be so kind as to grace me with yours? I want to know what you think about the current online community Marygrove College has across it’s social media and what you think can be done to foster a greater sense of community.