Choreographed by Jordeen Ivanov Ericson from The Spring 2011 Showcase

The Marygrove College Dance Company put on an amazing show at their Defining Moments recital. All of the dances were well choreographed and due to the  dancer’s commitment and conviction the stories were told in a stunningly emotional fashion.  I would be the first person to tell you that I don’t know a thing about dancing. But what I do know is good story telling. Each of the pieces portrayed a different story and some in multiple movements linking to a greater whole.

For me two performances stood out amongst the others.  The first that comes to mind is the second of three movements in the piece 4:1; Unfinished, Organized Confusion choreographed by Erica Blake. The piece told the story of a man torn between two lovers to Nina Simones’ song called “Four Women.” The piece showcases the struggle between the lovers as they fight, pushing and pulling against one another, for the affection of the man over the centerpiece of a chair. It was a duet at times, where one of the lovers is dancing with the object of their mutual affection while the other is spurned and left alone. I won’t reveal the ending to the story, but by the time the dance ended everyone was drawn in emotionally. That’s what a good story does.

The second is Somebody Prayed for Me, a piece choreographed by Lauren Allen. This piece centered on the struggle of one person that was eventually joined by others that lent her aid. The emotional power of this piece is doubled through the choice of music. The music from artists like Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, and Tiffany Evans & Tamela Mann was powerful and full of religious imagery. By the time the piece was over I found myself leaning on the edge of my seat, captivated by the struggle and hoping for the success of the character presented. Other dancers would come and help her up when she fell and stay with her, lifting her into the air. It was a great visual metaphor.

There is still time left to see these amazing pieces. There are two more performances of Defining Moments on Friday, December 16th and Saturday, December 17th at 8 PM. Don’t miss out on these well choreographed, emotionally powerful performances.