Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts News blog. Thanks for stopping by! Let’s get acquainted a bit, shall we?

My name is Arthur Simon. I’m a 27 year old junior at Marygrove. I’m an English major but I have spent many years working in and around various aspects of the visual and performing arts, most notably music.

I’m really passionate about the arts and I want to see the art community in and around Detroit grow. I want to see more people involved in events and I want to be a part of the community that is already large and help incorporate it into a new medium on the internet.

I want to present a student’s view of the events going on surrounding the Visual and Performing Arts Departments here at Marygrove College.

My goals are to:
• Inform readers about events sponsored by the college, its faculty and its students in the Visual and Performing Arts areas on or off campus.
• Give the perspective of a student and a lover of art, music, dance, and culture in and around the city of Detroit.
• Create a sense of community between those that love the arts and culture of Detroit, centered on the community here at Marygrove.

Marygrove has a lot to offer lovers of the arts. I want to bring to the forefront all of what the Visual and Performing Arts Departments of Marygrove College have to offer the arts community of Detroit.